Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Approach a Woman Out in Public - 3 Keys to Making It Work for You

Approaching a woman out in public has some similarities with approaching a woman in a bar or a club, but it also has some major differences. If you walk up on a woman out in public and run the same exact kind of game that you would in a club or a bar, it's more than likely going to have a much different reaction than what you might hope for.

It's all about the situation and the context of the situation. For example, if you were to approach a woman in a bookstore, you wouldn't want to come right off saying that she looks hot, because it really does not fit the situation. Though that might work on some women, it's probably not your best option.

Here are 3 keys to approaching a woman out in public:

1. Do not come up on her in a way that seems creepy.

Women don't really expect to be approached in public, at least, not in the classic pick up style, so that is not the way you want to walk up on her. You also do not want to walk up on her in a way that seems kind of creepy, like the weird guys that approach women sitting on a bench in a park. You have to give off the right vibe to a woman, and knowing how to hold yourself and control your body language will help give off the right vibe.

2. Build rapport with her in a fun way right away.

Outside of a club, the game is more about building rapport with her in a fun way at first, so that she is comfortable with you and then you can escalate from there. You don't want to open a conversation with a woman in a sexual tone, because of the context of the situation. Make her laugh first, and then build on that and you will do much better.

3. Move to another venue if you can right away.

I like to use the bookstore example for this one to explain what I mean. Let's say that you approach her while she is looking at the magazine rack, you open a conversation, make her laugh, there's a lot of playful banter back and forth, etc. From there, you want to get her to move over with you to those little cafes that all bookstores have now and sit down with you. Getting her to move like that, as small of a move as that might be, it's a big thing and helps to escalate things between you and her.

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