Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Attract Women - How to Gain More Confidence Around Beautiful Women

Beautiful women have a way of both attracting and intimidating most average guys. You are attracted to them, because you cannot take your eyes off of them, but intimidated because you would not dare to even bother to try and get a date with a really drop dead gorgeous looking woman. Now, most guys will just brush this off as the way it is and the way that it has to be, but you don't have to end up like most guys and just brush it off.

You really can get dates with beautiful women, and you can attract almost any woman you want, as long as you can gain the confidence to make the approach and to not come off like a typical woman pleaser. What do I mean by a woman pleaser? I mean that guy that will gladly drive her around all day long, just so he can be next to her, and then go home alone for the night. That guy.

Here are a few tips on how to gain confidence around beautiful women:

1. Reframe the way that you see beautiful women.

One of the most common ways that most guys see beautiful women is as being unattainable. If you think of it that way, if you think that any really good looking woman is unobtainable, then they are always going to intimidate you. And you will never bother to try to start a conversation, much less get a date with a woman like that.

2. Start off just making conversation with attractive women.

You have to start somewhere, right? Well, if it is kind of unrealistic in your mind to get a date with a good looking woman, start off just making conversation. Go for the small talk, just so that you become used to talking to pretty women. From there, you can begin to escalate the conversations to make them more flirtatious or to make a date, but start off with the small talk just to gain experience and confidence.

3. Work on improving one area of your life.

You can gain a lot of confidence with women just by improving one area of your life. Take your finances and get them handled. Start working out and getting in shape. Do something that will improve your life and make you feel a little more "worthy" of attracting and dating good looking women. And believe that it really can be possible.

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