Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Make a Man Think About You Day and Night? Keys to Becoming an Active Part of His Thoughts

You can make a guy think of you day and night only when you have crept into his skin. He should be so taken up by you and with you that he cannot but help thinking of you all the time. You will have to invent really wonderful ways to get him to think of you.

The way you look and dress
The way you look and dress is the most important thing to catch a man's fancy. You should look overwhelmingly attractive and unforgettable. Your image will be embedded deep in his mind and he would keep thinking of you day and night.

The ringing of your laughter
When your laughter rings through the air it is bound to leave an impact on his mind and ring through his thoughts and remind him of you. Every now and then that he hears a laughter he will remember your laughter and the merry ring it carries.

When he knows how understanding you are
Every time he faces a problem or needs to discuss something with you he will remember you and how understanding you are when he has something to say to you. The patience and understanding that you display makes your man think of you day and night.

Your care and concern
Along with your understanding and patience you also show a lot of care and concern for others. You are helpful and go out of your way to keep your man happy. You try to maintain peace and quiet around you, and help in creating a positive atmosphere around you.

The expression in your eyes
The expression in your eyes, the twinkle and laughter make your eyes shine with the love it contains. This is something your man cannot forget. Whenever you look at him or he looks into your eyes the expression he sees remains sublime in his mind.

The fragrance of your body
Your nearness leaves your guy totally overwhelmed with the fragrance of your body. You use a perfume that haunts him throughout the day and makes him think of you day and night. Any one else too with the least hint of a similar perfume gets him remembering you.

The love in your voice
The tone and love that your voice carries is awesome. He can always feel the love you have for him even when you speak with him regarding things that are far apart from talking love. Your entire tone and volume are so infectious with love that he cannot help but think of you day and night.

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